Are your Employees Engaged in Your Business?

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We work across most industries and small businesses with 50 to 500 employees. CEO’s, CFO’s, Production Managers, Controllers and HR Managers reach out to us when they want to reduce the employee turnover and increase productivity.

Engage & Grow is the answer!

  • When they feel they are at the end of the road and do not know where to turn to next to improve their business or turn it around.
  • When buying lunch for the team is just not enough.
  • When a day out for teambuilding has no lasting effects.
  • When employee complaints are going up, issues are increasing and productivity is decreasing.
  • When there is a lack of communication among the leadership and staff.

We will work to get every employee connected and contributing with long term sustainable change.

Are your Employees Engaged in Your Business?

According to Gallup daily tracking, only 15% of employees worldwide are engaged. What does this mean for you? A disengaged employee has checked out. They don’t care if your business succeeds and do the bare minimum to get by. And your high performers? They’re more likely to leave because they’re pulling all the dead weight.

For every disengaged employee in your business, you are throwing away $3400 in lost productivity for every $10,000 you are paying them. This silent problem is having long-lasting and negative impacts on businesses all throughout the world.

How can we Help?

The Engage & Grow Program helps re-engage your employees, making every employee a profit center for your business. Your employees will actually enjoy coming to work and turnover will be reduced. The 12-week training program has improved engagement levels by as much as 307% by creating a high-performance culture with an environment of positivity, transparency, and shared accountability. Our employee engagement trainers in Louisville, Northern Kentucky, Lexington and Southern Indiana can walk you through the process of creating the engaged workforce your business needs to succeed.

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Engage & Grow programs can be conducted virtually or in-person.

Companies & People We’ve Worked With

“Fantastic program for companies who would like better insight on how groups tick!”

I would highly recommend the Engage & Grow system to any business that is serious about transforming vision and mission statements from words on a wall into a living culture.

Matt Hall

GM, Telstra Business Centre

By far the best program I have ever been involved in.

John Wheatley

Director, UA Corp

“This program helped our company to reconnect by teaching us how to be open and hold each other
accountable. It also helped us to use feedback as a tool for improvement and to not take it personally.”

Bryan M.

“This course challenges you to think outside of yourself and focus on what those around you might need from you, as well as how they might be able to become an asset for you.”
Alex Harmon

DF&I, Louisville, KY

Business News & Resources

Are your Customers More Loyal than your Employees?

Every business owner understands the value of loyalty and we strive to keep our customers happy so that they come back to do business with us. It is a rare business owner who is the only person that interacts with customers, so my question is, have you built that same loyalty with your team so they are happy?

Changes to the Work Environment

Back in March, businesses rushed to create a temporary solution to slow the spread of Covid-19. No one predicted that we would still be dealing with the pandemic and continuing to have remote teams as we approach 2021. The approval and rollout of vaccines gives us some hope of a return to our traditional work lives – or does it? It’s time to make a plan for 2021.

Leading with Courage

If asked if there is one management trait that 2020 has required more than others, I suggest it would be Courage. As I have stated in previous posts, we do not have a Pandemic Handbook to guide policies and decision making. What have we got? Lots of uncertainty. A courageous leader has the ability to motivate their team to march forward in challenging times, often into the unknown.