Our Signature Programs

These programs can be conducted virtually or in-person.

Gearing Up

Half-Day Team Engagement Workshop

The Gear Up program is designed primarily for companies with fewer than 25 employees. Your team will learn the Fundamentals of Employee Engagement, including a New Toolbox that Everyone can use to Build/Improve Your Culture, enabling the whole team to communicate more effectively.  $5000 plus expenses.

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Base Camp

12 Week Employee Engagement Training

Our flagship Base Camp program is a 12 week program designed for businesses with 25 or more employees. Participants (8-12 per group) will be taken through a scientifically designed step by step process of learning how to Define and Build a Winning Culture. Each program is custom designed based on the specific Goals and Outcomes defined by the Leadership Team.  Starts at $2000/person.

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Engagement is a fitness, and like any fitness it requires a maintenance regime. This program is designed to sustain the success developed in the Base Camp program. You have finished the sprint, now it’s time to lock the changes in, for the future growth of your business and people.

Custom duration.

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12 Month, Long Term and Sustainable Growth Program

This Master program takes your business to the next level. You have an engaged, profitable and committed team, now what do you need to do to be Number 1 in your industry? We facilitate this long term and sustainable growth program so you can have the business of your dreams and not just a job!

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Next Level Leadership

This leadership & communication program is a personal action-based Program aimed to increase the leader’s ability to connect and build relationships within their team, creating a greater level of respect and influence, higher employee commitment, improved culture and increased productivity.

$2000/month per person, for 3 months

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“When I first learned I was going to be attending I was dreading it but after our first session I realized this was going to be an opportunity for me. I feel like you get out of this what you’re willing to put in it. Myself, I greatly appreciate what I’m taking away from this. It’s taught me I have to step out of my comfort zone in order to grow, I have to put trust in other people on my team and it’s also taught me that it’s ok to speak up and challenge my leader if I feel somethings not right. It showed me my strengths and weaknesses as a leader in the company. I also learned that I can have a huge impact on the success of my team and the company. It really has been an awesome experience.”
Ray Ewing